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Our Ethics / Our Ethics

Our Ethics

The REED difference. Discover the attention to detail that makes a world of difference every day.

Our family values

Our family-focussed ethos extends to how our cotton is grown and our linens made, where and by whom. We’re one of the few family-run linen houses who has complete control over their manufacturing process, ensuring that we can maintain the highest quality in terms of the finished product for our customers and – just as importantly – can keep a close eye on our people’s working environment, and our factory’s energy consumption and emissions. We take responsibility for every part of our making process. 

“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.” Aristotle

Our Ethics

Ours may be a brand built on the traditional values of quality and craft, but we are committed to continual improvement, particularly when it comes to sustainability and the environment. As part of this evolution, in 2005 we moved our sourcing and production from Egypt’s Nile Delta to Southern India. Here our cotton is grown, spun, woven into fabric and crafted into luxurious made-to-order linens, all within a 100km radius, keeping our environmental impact to a minimum and ensuring complete control over the integrity and quality of the finished piece and its journey to you.

Our sustainability

When it comes to linen quality, we will happily choose ‘old fashioned’ over ‘fast fashion’. Where mass-produced cotton products can be damaging to the environment and offer a shorter life span, REED family linen is exclusively made to order for greater choice with less waste. Our linens last around three times longer than many of our competitors’ products, and as such have a third of their carbon footprint. We are the very antithesis of ‘fast fashion’, and firmly believe in buying better and buying less. Taking this long-term view is altogether better for the environment and natural resources, while offering a superior experience for our customers.

The Reed difference

Discover the attention to detail that makes a world of difference every day.

Generous hems

Our hems are sewn with at least 12 stitches per inch to make sure your linen lasts as long as possible. The 1” wide bottom hems and 3” wide top hems on our sheets and Oxford pillowcases ensure a rich finish and allow for easy ironing.


Cord stitching

Classic linens are finished with cord stitching which is sewn with 28 stitches per inch. In the days when all linens were bleached white, differing numbers of rows of cord stitching where applied to help identify the various grades of sheets. Reed Family Linen continue this tradition today with extra rows of cording for higher thread count cloths.


Traditional mitred pillowcases

All our duvet covers and standard pillowcases are finished with a double overlock and safety stitch to make them last for a lifetime.


Reinforced shoulders

REED Family Linen duvet covers are sewn with a reinforced shoulder on each side of the bottom opening to prevent tearing during laundering and bed making. Our blanket covers are finished with double sewn hems which ensure long lasting use.

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