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Expert Advice & Bespoke Services

Reed Family Linen offers completely customisable, made-to-measure bed linen to complement your style, and fit your bed, perfectly.
Our family has been making luxurious bed linen for homes and hotels across the world for many years and all our clients, whether purchasing one set of sheets or embarking on an ambitious bespoke bed linen project, can call upon our expertise.

Made-to-order bed linen

Making bed linen is a complex process and commissioning made-to-order bed linen can be daunting for a first-time client. There are many choices to be made, from your preferred cotton fibre and weave to the correct sizes, and that’s just the start – there is then a rainbow of bed linen colours and trims to choose from. Plus, industry terms like ‘Oxford’, ‘gusset depth’, and so on, can cause confusion to the initiated.

At Reed Family Linen we are experts in leading clients through every stage of the customised bed linen journey, because we have done it hundreds of times before. Even when a client contacts us for ‘the same bed linen as last time’, 10 years later, we can consult our detailed records of our past clients’ requirements and replicate their original order, down to the last detail.

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How to order bespoke bed linen: a step-by-step guide

If you’ve been dreaming of creating your own, made-to-order bed linen, here’s our guide to every step of the journey.

1 Measure your mattress

The perfect-sized sheet is incredibly important. The width, length and – most importantly – the depth). Please remember to tell us if you use a mattress topper so that we can make your fitted sheets to accommodate this extra depth. We’ll also want to know the size of your pillows, as this can vary from country to country.

2 Choose your products

Reed makes everything from fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers and all types of pillowcases, as well as decorative bedspreads and accessories for styling your bed perfectly, offering an opportunity to create a unique bed linen look.

3 Select your weave type

Percale, Sateen, Linen Union or Jacquard? Choosing your perfect bed linen weave depends on a number of factors, including the climate you live in, how you like your bed linen to feel on your skin, the visual effect you’re looking to create and any laundering needs. Find out more about the difference between our weaves on our Swatch pages, where you can also choose your five complimentary swatches.

4 Play around with colours

We offer an incredible choice of bed linen colours, with over a dozen different colours available for your bed linen. Though white is a popular choice, our fast-dyed shades offer colours across the spectrum, from subtle to dramatic shades, and their vibrancy will remain fast throughout a long life of laundering. So why not be adventurous and choose a bed linen colour that reflects your style and personality?

5 Explore the design possibilities

Whatever your style, there’s a Reed bed linen collection for you. from plain and simple bed linen that lets the cloth and colour do all the talking, to richly decorative bed linen designs and everything in between. Each of our bed linen collections is available in multiple colourways. What’s more, there’s the opportunity to personalise bed linen with monogramming, available in a number of styles and colours. View all the available bed linen colours on our Swatch pages.

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Bespoke bed linen case study: Bahamas Beach House

Recently, Karen Reed was asked to develop a collection of scalloped bed linen in bespoke colours for a client’s project in the Bahamas. Even though the client was familiar with ordering bed linens, the sizes were American, the mattresses were various, different depths and the colours sought were not part of our standard range. However, two months, multiple shade swatches and several bespoke Scallop trims later – as well as two face-to-face meetings with the client in London – the client’s bespoke bed linen was put into production and dispatched just a few weeks later.


Advice on international bed sizes

Our International Size Chart is one of the most visited pages on our website and helps many understand the sizes they require depending on which country they are buying their mattress and pillows. Whilst duvets are mostly international and are consistent in size throughout Europe, we are aware of up to 28 different pillow sizes which are commonly used in the European Union – and there is nothing more irritating than buying expensive fine linens and finding later that they do not fit your pillow inners precisely.

International Bed Linen Sizing Chart

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