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5 Ways To Update Your Bedroom

Simple ways to give your bedroom a refresh

Small tweaks can make a big difference to your bedroom, from a few drops of essential oils on your pillow to some updated decorative scatters with a touch of embroidery or quilting.

Breathe new life into rooms with little luxuries that make all the difference to how you experience your space.

A room that feels calm and refreshed promotes better mental health and positive energy. A clean, energized space is also vital to a healthy sleep routine which requires tranquility for you to retreat too.

‘Detailing on your linens will
add a soft, feminine
touch to your bedroom’

Step 1
Build From The Bottom Up

Get the base right first before adding any bedding, our pleated valance will update the look of any bedroom, fitting beautifully over your bed base and gently falling to the floor, a valance has the perfect way of dressing up a plain bed frame.

Step 2
A Clean Bedroom Is A Happy Bedroom

Mattress and pillow protectors are essential to a clean, comfortable and healthy sleep environment. A mattress protector not only increases the lifespan of your mattress but also improves comfort and cleanliness, by blocking stains, dust mites, and fluids from reaching your mattress.

Pillow protectors will increase the lifespan of your inners, especially if you use natural down inners. We recommend washing your pillow and mattress protectors once a week.

Step 3
Add Quilted Scatter Cushions For Texture

There is always something special about a well-made bed that adds a finishing touch to any bedroom. Pick cushion covers that have different textures for example a row of Reed quilted pillows along the headboard to create a base for more decorative cushions or contrasting colours.

Step 4
A Touch Of Embroidery

Embroidered scatter cushions or detailing on your linens will add a soft, feminine touch to your bedroom as well as hints of colour for a stunning finish.

Step 5
Layer Accent Pillows

Place textured and contrasting accent pillows on your bed to finish off your space. These pops of colour will draw your eye to the bed which is the centrepiece of any bedroom.

Step 6
A Finishing Touch

Add a light waffle weave blanket or Reed quilt at the end of your bed for a finished look that is light enough for Summer.

We love to layer up a fresh colour palette of linens on our bed for summer, and then get creative with updating our room.

Refreshing Summer Touches

  • Change out your linens, remove any heavy comforters and unnecessary layers.
  • Minimise nightstand clutter and add fresh small carafes of summer blooms.
  • Introduce oh so ‘en vouge’ powdery pastels, blushing pink decorative pillows or a statement chair in blushed velvet for a luxurious corner.
  • Swith up your scents from woody patchouli and wintery lavender to light summer citrus, with lemon essential oils and candles.
  • Add a textured rug in light tones.
  • Swap out heavy winter blankets for a light quilt in crisp white for the end of your bed.

Our favourite yearly update

We love to layer up a fresh colour palette of linens on our bed for summer, and then get creative with updating our room.

This always starts with a good clear out, donating clothes we don’t wear anymore, magazines and books that we have read and furniture or decor that need updating, this allows us to start with a fresh canvas.

Changing out photos in our favourite frames and hanging a new piece of art, or painting the wall behind our bed in a colour that is uplifting to us, always does the trick. Lastly a fresh pair of linen slippers next to our bed and a lovely new book to get stuck into on the nightstand also adds to a feeling of newness.

Our top Bedroom DO’s & DON’T’s

DO invest in the best bed linens you can afford

DON’T get hung up on every micro trend, your bedroom is a deeply personal space and should reflect you.

DO be bold with your colour choices, throw out the rule book and do what makes you feel calm and grounded in your room.

DON’T feel overwhelmed and do nothing, a simple de clutter and the addition of pretty decorative pillows can make a difference.

DO invest in a top sheet and throw or quilt for a properly made and inviting bed.

DON’T forget about lighting, installing a dimmer or adding wall sconces with soft light bulbs will transform your rooms mood.

DO add personality with photographs, art & personal items. You should surround yourself with a palette of love in your most intimate space.

DON’T neglect your bedroom, we tend to make this the last space that we renovate or spend money on, and it should be the opposite.

Feel inspired this Summer to invest in your mental health and invigorate your most sacred space.

Wishing you a calm sanctuary and a good nights rest.

The Reed Family.

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