Linen Care Guide – Reed Family Linen

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How to take care of your Linen

As long as you take care of your Reed Linen, it’ll be around for a very long time. Here are some simple guidelines on how to launder and iron your new linen. All our linens are marked with Europe and US standard washing instructions attached by a non-fade woven label.

Laundry advice


For hygienic reasons, we recommend a full wash with hot water using a mild soap solution rather than high levels of biological soap powders.

  • Dyed and yarn dyed linen: Wash at Cotton 60o
  • White linen: Wash as Cotton at the highest temperature possible

Dirt and stains

Hot or boil washing is recommended to remove dirt and stains. At high temperatures the natural fibres of the cotton relax and release ingrained dirt.


Spin dry your linen and stretch it out to dry while it’s still damp. Don’t spin it to touch dry as the creases will set into the fabric and make it harder to iron.


Iron your linen at the highest setting and avoid scorching by taking care not to leave the iron in stationary contact with the cloth more than a few seconds. Keep the iron plate away from the pillowcase and duvet cover openings as it can catch and result in small tears. For best results, iron the embroidery work on the reverse side and avoid contact between the tip of the iron and the embroidery.

Do Nots

Do not bleach

Using bleach will cause your linen to rot and cause weak patches in the weave.

Do not dry clean

Dry cleaning is not recommended.