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Bespoke Linens for Yachts & Jets

As longer days draw to a close in the Northern hemisphere, we start to pack away our summer toys; the beach houses are locked up and yachts are parked in secure moorings with our bikinis and sun hats relegate to bottom drawers. As we begin to move inside for the warmth of log fires, our friends in the Southern hemisphere are doing the opposite. At this time of the year as we go into or out of season is a good time to re-equip. It is a good time to remind you of the services we offer.

In the post pandemic, Reed clients have changed their lifestyle to cope with a society where health and privacy are key considerations. They provide the same individual service to a new fleet of luxury yachts and jets as they do bespoke luxury linens to palaces, castles and estates around the world.

Their company engages with super yacht management companies, boat builders and jet interior designers to provide the finest monogrammed linens which are bespoke made to suit each interior. Their products include all items of bedlinen, table linen, bath linen and robes including accessory items such as laundry bags and anti-macassar’s.

Reed understands each home, yacht or jet is personal and therefore all their production is bespoke made to order, they carry stock of dyed fabrics rather than finished products so that they can minimise stockholdings & waste and reduce their environmental footprint and cater to the discerning needs of their client’s individual taste and requirement from 1 pillowcase to 100.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it. David Lee Roth

The Reed family have been involved with weaving and making up fine quality household linens for over 170 years. Some families pass down a dimple, others a sweet tooth, but for the Reed’s it’s the making of the best quality bedlinen which has spanned five generations of the family.

To have survived for five generations is testament to their quality of weaving and manufacturing. Their fabric weaves and constructions which are still, all woven in house, are regarded as the most luxurious in the world, but also “virtually indestructible” which is so important in difficult laundering conditions like in game lodges and super yachts.

Their offering includes;


  • Shaped fitted sheets, in any shape including round
  • Flat top and bottom sheets
  • Duvet covers with envelope flaps, oxford edge, open end, and tug holes
  • Pillowcases in standard inside flap style, three sided, and mitred oxfords as standard
  • Bedside mats
  • Antimacassar’s
  • Mattress and pillow protectors


  • Luxury bath towels
  • Bath & shower matts
  • Bathrobes for winter or summer
  • Slippers
  • Laundry bags, hair dryer bags, show shining bag


  • Shaped table cloths, having just completed a Rhomboid table cloth for an Augustine Bader function by Eagle & Hodges
  • Table cloths and table runners
  • Placemats & napkins sets
  • Napkins, coasters and tray cloths
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Worldwide shipping to even the most remote island or game lodge, and no minimum quantities as everything is bespoke made to order at intelligent price points.

Please contact or call whatever your requirements and they will be delighted to assist and provide that finishing touch for your yacht or jet.


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