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A Perfect Wedding Gift

A wedding is usually a joyous time of celebration creating a delightful sense of anticipation in the air.

The union symbolises a journey being embarked on together. It’s an honour to bear witness to this moment for people we care about and a big part of the tradition is bestowing the happy souls involved with a gift that will help sustain them in their new life together and bring them joy.  

“‘Till death do they part,” you want to mirror this statement with a gift of quality, that they’ll treasure and use often. You want to avoid gifts that are too trendy or an item that will end up collecting dust in a closet.

That’s why bedding is an ideal gift for celebrating weddings. It’s a gift that can check all the boxes whilst still being personal and unique.

Consider choosing timeless linens with bespoke details and opting for the best quality you can afford. Weddings are special occasions and embroidered details, quilting and personalised monograming can set your gift apart. Think about sumptuous sateen sheeting and boudoir cushions for extra plushness.

Bed linens are a necessity for any home, unlike tea sets or vases that might end up in an armoire most of the year. Your hope is that the recipients of this bundle of luxury, use the sheets as everyday bedding. Reed linens are designed to be laundered and last, and part of self care is embracing a little “carpe diem” and using the “good china” so to speak.  It’s a gift that will be appreciated by any couple setting up their home.

High-end bedding will cool one in the summer and keep you cozy during the winter months. Certain finishes enhance the comfort level; sateen is a popular choice for its refined feel and cool touch. Opt for sheets with an ideal thread count of 400 single yarns for opulent softness.

A nice touch, especially for younger couples and first time nesters, is a handwritten gift tag with washing instructions. Simple tips like washing sheets before their first use, avoiding detergents and linen mists with heavy perfumes and laundering sets every week, go a long way. You can also include your favourite brand of bio degradable eco friendly washing powder and organic softener.

Beautiful bedding helps to creates an inviting retreat, a place where couples can get lost in warmth and luxury. As their family grows, they can snuggle up with fur babies or kids for those cherished moments of togetherness.

Every couple deserve to start their journey together with a clean, fresh set of bed linens.

A few tips for buying the perfect linen gift |

A Neutral Palette

Crisp white sheets are easy to style and never go out of fashion. Other neutrals, such as putty, taupe and grey are also lovely soft options for a wedding gift. Tones that will tie into any decor scheme.

Size Matters

You don’t want to purchase king sheets for a queen bed or vice versa. You might find this information in the couple’s registry. Alternatively, do your research and ask a friend or member of the wedding party if you’re unsure of the bed size.


If you know the couples colour scheme for their joint home. Decorative pillows and quilts enhance the elegance of any bed and are the perfect finishing touches for a truly luxurious bed linen gift. Have fun with patterns and textures to add visual appeal.


No wedding gift is complete without a personal touch. Consider adding the couple’s monograms to their pillowcases or sheets. This traditional touch, always speaks to luxury and timeless elegance. It’s a wonderful gift for the couple to build on with towels and gowns etc.

Monograming can set your gift apart.

Every couple deserve to start their journey together with a clean, fresh set of bed linens. Whether you’re buying linen as a wedding gift for someone special or selecting it for your own gift registry, Reed, have the perfect set for you.

You can now give the gift of Reed Family Linen with an effortless yet utterly luxurious digital gift card. Our e-gift vouchers are the perfect gift for anyone who loves beautifully made things that stand the test of time, and can be used across our collections of made-to-order bed linens, table linens, and more.

You can choose to have an e-gift voucher sent directly to the recipient’s email on a specific date, or to yourself to print at home and present to them in person. Simply choose your amount.

This is also a great way of gifting something special when you are unsure of bed sizing, and colour choices.

As a thank you, by sending to a friend and introducing Reed to them, you will receive 10 Reed Rewards points to spend on future splurges.

Happy Gifting,

Karen Reed

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