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Inspiration Behind Our New Reed Gift Boxes

A Richly Woven Tale

Nothing says appreciation like a touch of elegance. If you want to show someone special that they mean the world to you, gift them a luxury gift box delivered to their door. The thrill of seeing Reed’s deep green gift box on your bed, knowing that soft luxury awaits, is close to unparalleled in the realm of gifting bliss.

We are now spanning our third century and have evolved a British heritage brand into a world renown brand with a refreshingly forward-thinking ethos. Our richly woven tale can be felt in every piece of made-to-order linen that bears our family name, and most recently our gorgeous new signature gift boxes.

Our story is interwoven with the history of cotton production in Britain and beyond, from our beginnings in Lancashire, England, where our ancestors founded their namesake cotton mill in 1852 to present day London, and our dedicated team who keep striving for excellence.

Much has changed over the decades, yet the current generation’s commitment to making the world’s most beautiful, high quality and long-lasting bed and table linens remains strong. Reed Family Linen is timeless, designed to be enjoyed every day and for many years to come. We wanted our packaging to imbue this sense of history, but also reflect our brands modernity and colourful bold linen designs.

Our family heraldic crest tells the story of our involvement in the Lancashire cotton industry from the very beginning. Our beloved crest was awarded to us by the College of Arms in London and was the inspiration for our new packaging design. Elements like the Moorhen, red rose of Lancaster and the humble cotton ball were re imagined and brought to life with colours reminiscent of an English Summer meadow.

Trying a new product may often be an impulsive decision on our part, but even in that instant, there is a certain amount of evaluation and selection before we ‘add to cart’. We, the consumer perceives product packaging as the gateway to the product itself, if it’s a product that we’ve used and enjoyed before, we may not pay as much attention to the packaging, but if it’s a new or different product, we experience the packaging entirely differently.

It needs to excite or reassure us, intrigue us, and stand up to the quality of the item we are purchasing. Our goal was to incorporate our family crest to reflect our heritage, history and quality and then add a playful colour palette that balanced tradition and a sense of lighthearted fun.

Our branding has always been strong in gravitas and rich in heritage. It had slightly dated over the decades, and we wanted to inject freshness and ensure that our branding and especially our gift boxes conveyed our commitment to detail and the passion we have for our brand.

The challenge was to reflect our unique linen designs, modernity and sustainability more accurately, whilst still underpinning it all with our history and craftsmanship.

You can now make up the perfect gift box of Reed Family Linen effortlessly on our new website. Choose a selection of beautifully made linen products that will stand the test of time and relax, knowing that your exquisite box of luxury will be delivered nearly anywhere in the world.

You can also choose another utterly luxurious option, our digital gift card. Our e-gift vouchers can be used across our collections of made-to-order bed linens, table linens, and more.

Send an e-gift voucher directly to your loved one’s email on a specific date, or to yourself to print at home and present to them in person. Simply choose your amount and rest in the knowledge that they’ll be able to choose their own selection of Reed pieces and have them delivered in Reed style to their front door.

As a thank you for introducing Reed to a friend, you will receive 10 Reed Rewards points to spend on future products.

Mindfulness practitioners point out that when you give yourself a gift, you get the mental health and emotional benefit of being both the giver and the receiver. You are reenforcing a narrative that you matter. Treating yourself like you are essential is good for your mental health and it’s okay to occasionally put yourself first and buy something that resonates with your unique needs. 

You can gift yourself with a morning off, a warm bubble bath that you could easily tell yourself you ‘don’t have time for’ or good linens because you appreciate that your sleep health is vitally important.  

Happy Spoiling,

Karen Reed


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