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Bespoke Monogrammed Linen

Make your mark with monogrammed bed linen

Our monogramming service is a wonderful way to add individuality and a personal touch to your linens, whether at home or within a hotel, and our monogrammed linens also make a thoughtful and memorable gift.

At REED we have been personalizing home linens for many years. Through our century long involvement in the Madeiran hand embroidery industry, we own one of the largest and most prestigious collections of monogram designs in the world and can offer our clients an unequalled selection of styles from Art Deco to Modern.

We offer four of our most popular monogram styles, with each design available in white-on-white and – for our coloured bed linens – tone-on-tone. A special combination of silky and matte threads gives each monogrammed bed linen motif a rich textured feel that subtly catches the eye and enhances each style’s intricately stitched silhouette.

Monogramming can be added to a number of bed linen pieces, including Oxford, standard, boudoir and decorative pillowcases, flat sheets and duvet covers. We also offer monogramming on placemats, napkins, cocktail napkins, guest towels, serving towels and our range of hotel bath towels. For more information on the monogram positioning for each piece, take a closer look at our line drawings attached.

Our completely bespoke monogramming service allows you to add a two initial letters in three distinct scripts, or up to three letters in our Shakespeare style. The four scripts which we offer as standard are as follows:


With a traditional, formal feel, Copperplate can be read as slightly more masculine thanks to its clear and strong uppercase lettering, which also makes it one of the cleanest and easiest to read of our monogram styles. Perfect for making a statement.


With its expressive curves, our Italic scrolled monogram design draws upon the decorative art of calligraphy. Your choice of letters is framed by an intricate diamond border inspired by floral motifs. A timeless design that will complement any interior setting.


Our elegant Vienna monogram style is inspired by Art Nouveau design and the distinctive fonts of the Arts and Crafts movement. The flowing lines of the lettering are complemented by a border of stylised botanical motifs. Sophisticated and subtly feminine.


Our ornate Shakespeare monogram style is inspired by the organic forms found in the natural world, and features a design of beautiful intertwined vines to create the highly decorative uppercase lettering. A beautiful addition to our floral linens.

To use our personalized monogramming service for your linens, please place your order on the website in the normal way and then use our contact form to request personalized monogramming and we will contact you to confirm styles, positioning and additional costs. Alternatively you can contact us before you place you order and we will be pleased to confirm what monogramming services are available on the products you have chosen. All bespoke embroidery will be confirmed with a final sketch before embroidery.

If you wish to embellish your linens with your own crest or logo, then please contact us on and we will be happy to provide you with a bespoke quotation for this additional service.

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