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The Fluff Factor – Towel Care Tips

There are few things better in life than heavyweight, sumptuous, wonderfully scented towels.

Which leads us to the belief that spoiling oneself with a new set of luxury towels, could earn major ‘self care’ points.

Whether neatly stacked in a lavender scented linen closet or loosely hung on a towel rail, towels should beckon to you with their softness.

The question becomes, how does one keep these towels as fresh and soft as the day you bought them? Our tips are worth taking note of, as you’ll want to keep your fluffy investments silken soft.

What is the first thing I should do when receiving my new set of towels?

Wash and dry your towels before you first use them. Our quality towels will become more absorbent and soft as you use and launder them.

Inferior towels may have softening agents on them, so they feel soft to the touch, but as these agents wash off, the towels become hard and less absorbent.

What is the best way to wash towels to ensure longevity?

  • Start by separating your white towels from any coloured laundry, washing different tones together will lead to subtle discoloration over time.

– Wash your white towels on a hot cycle in your washing machine. Add a non-chlorine based, bio degradable, natural detergent.
– If you’re dealing with musty odours, add white vinegar to the wash cycle along with your laundry detergent. This combination wonderfully to clean and sanitise your towels.
– Once laundered, shake your towels out and place them in the dryer on the warm/delicate setting. You can add a few wool balls to the dryer if you have them. Woolen balls are a natural alternative to dryer sheets and can be used to fluff your towels and help them dry faster. For a subtle scent, you can add in a few drops of essential oils.
– Make sure your towels are completely dry, and then promptly remove them from the dryer. While even a hint of lingering moisture can cause odours and mould, it’s important to not over dry your towels, either.

  • Once you’ve washed and dried your towels, be sure to store them in a dry location to keep them looking and feeling fresh. A cool cupboard away from direct sunlight is best. We store our white towels in old white pillow slips to keep them dust free and away from anything that can cause stains etc.

Our quality towels will become more absorbent and soft as you use and launder them.

A quick rundown of Do’s and Don’ts when laundering towels?

  • Do wash your towels before you use them for the first time.
  • Don’t toss wet or damp towels into laundry basket or allow them to sit for long periods of time. That’s how they develop a musty, mildewy odour.
  • Don’t leave wet towels sitting in the washing machine, shake them out and dry them straight away, wet towels will develop a foul odour and will impart that same odour to your machine.
  • Don’t overload your washing machine with towels. The heaviness of the load will take a toll on your machine and the towels won’t wash and rinse properly if the load is packed in too tight.

How to remove stains from towels?

We have found that equal parts baking soda and vinegar does the trick.

Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon vinegar to form a paste. Apply the paste on the affected area and allow to sit for a little while. Then wash in your delicate/warm machine cycle.


The biggest misconception people when laundering towels? 

Washing towels with fabric softener. Using a fabric softener will actually make your towels less absorbent over time, by causing a film that builds up on the towels fibers. Fabric softeners can be toxic for your health and for aquatic organisms and in our opinion are best avoided. You can use white vinegar for a softening effect.

Consider the sustainability aspect and lifestyle perks that come with investing in good quality towels.

Wrapping yourself in Reed luxury at the end of a long soak is a ritual you won’t be willing to let go of once you have tried it.

Browse our monogrammed linen hand towels, our delicately patterned Princess Grace towel range and our signature gowns, and create your own personal sanctuary with Reed.

May the fluff be with you.

Karen Reed.

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